Energy-Based Bodywork

Energy-Based Bodywork

A Reiki Master since 2007, with certifications in Therapeutic Touch i & ii & apprentice work in palliative care support with hands-on experience in healthcare facilities. Clients rest on a treatment table, fully clothed, & hands are placed lightly on the body but without massage. The deep relaxation that manifests with this work can be a pathway for healing. Treatments are performed at my home in San Antonio or at the client's home.

60 minute session: $75 (+$20 if travel is involved)

What is Reiki & Energy-Based Bodywork?

Reiki is a form of energy-based bodywork that is vibrational & healing in nature. The effects are subtle, as when you are inspired by a piece of artwork or when your heart lifts up when listening to beautiful music or when you see a dear friend. In a session, it appears most often as deep relaxation. This is the key to its healing nature. It seems to be able to flip the body’s inner switch from a stressed out state of fight or flight to one free from tension & anxiety. This allows healing to begin on many levels.

Research shows that treatment can be effective for reducing anxiety & depression, pain management, improved sleep & an enhanced sense of well-being & clarity. It is safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly, with no known medical contraindications.

Treatment is performed with clients fully clothed, either sitting comfortably or lying on a table. It can easily be adapted to anyone in a wheelchair or hospital bed. A trained practitioner places hands lightly on the body & both practitioner & recipient usually notice a quick shift towards relaxation. Breathing becomes slower & some clients fall asleep. Sometimes people notice a warm tingling where Reiki hands are placed while others may feel nothing but a greater sense of wellbeing, which seems to linger long after the session. Any pain usually decreases during a treatment & most people report an immediate improvement in sleep.

It compliments other healthcare modalities by helping your system regain balance. Even when a physical cure is not possible, it can bring healing in other ways, such as pain relief, ease of mind, a desire for greater self-care or a profound peacefulness at the time of death.