Consultations & Bodywork

Whole Health Consultations

My role in your healing process is to consider you as a whole person and to approach wellness through changes in lifestyle, diet, herbs and natural supplementation. Many health issues can improve when the body is brought back into a state of balance and its self-healing capabilities are maximized. As an herbalist, I neither diagnose, treat, nor prescribe remedies for disease. I do work on the premise that the human body has the innate power to heal itself.

Initial consultations are usually 90-120 minutes. An intake form is sent ahead of time to maximize our time together. We will focus on your particular area of concern within the context of a general health consultation. I consider one’s daily diet & often request a food diary.

Most sessions are done in person but can also be done long-distance by phone.

Intake & Initial Session (90-120 minutes): $150


Energy-Based Bodywork

A Reiki Master since 2007, with certifications in Therapeutic Touch i & ii & apprentice work in palliative care support with hands-on experience in healthcare facilities. Clients rest on a treatment table, fully clothed, & hands are placed lightly on the body but without massage. The deep relaxation that manifests with this work can be a pathway for healing.

60 minute session: $75
30 minute session: $45